William Herman Trip to Batschka


The William Herman trip to Batschka in 2005.

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We flew into Frankfurt and stayed with some friends in Hochheim. We rented a car in Mainz. After we rented the car we found out that we could not drive in Serbia. While in Germany we went to Ingolstadt to see where my aunt and uncle and their family went in 1944 after they left Kolut. We went to the Rathaus and they gave us information on my relatives.

The other goal was to go to the Hungarian National Archives in Budapest and pick up some microfilm that Judy from Michigan had ordered for the villages of Backi Breg and Kolut. We didn't get the microfilm due to the Archives closing sooner than what they told me in an e-mail.

When we left Budapest we decided to go to Serbia, even though the car rental agency said not too. Going to Serbia to see were my Grandparents came from in 1907 was one of the goals of the trip. Kolut and Backi Breg are only 10 to 15 miles from the Hungarian border. We followed the Danube River from Budapest to Kolut. It looks like the area south of Budapest all the way into Serbia has fallen on hard time. It is mostly flat farm land and the buildings are in need of repair. There are many sugar beets grown in this area. It was October and they were harvesting the crops, there were large piles of sugar beets in the fields. There were very few peppers in the fields; most of them had been picked.

We found the Catholic Church, but it was in bad shape. The roof had fallen in; it probably has not been used since the Danubeswabian left in 1944. I don't think there are any Germans living in Kolut today. We only stayed in Serbia for about an hour; we didn't want to run into any problems. Back in Hungry heading west we crossed the Danube River at Mohacs on a car ferry. There are fewer bridges in Europe than in the US. After we left Hungary we took the southern route through the Alps back to Germany. I enjoyed seeing how the people in different counties lived. We visited 8 countries.