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Barbara Daniels

Peter and Anna Bavle

File Name: BD002T.jpg
Approximate date:  About 1920
Submitter:   Barbara Daniels

Grand Parents Peter and Anna Bavle, with Marian, around 1920..

The Reiter Family

File Name: BD004T.jpg
Approximate date:  1925
Submitter:   Barbara Daniels

My grandmothers Anna Bavle's sister, her name is Ammi, next to her is Maria, Johan, Nikolaus, husband ?, and little Franzi. Photo taken 1925... Zichydorf

Anna Biller Bavle

File Name: BD005T.jpg
Approximate date:  About 1911
Submitter:   Barbara Daniels

Anna Biller around age 18

Anton and Barbara Bavle

File Name: BD003T.jpg
Submitter:   Barbara Daniels

My great grandparents

Anna Biller

File Name: BD001T.jpg
Approximate date:  About 1910
Submitter:   Barbara Daniels

This is my grandmother, Anna Biller Bavle age 17 picture taken in Zichydorf around 1910 three years before she came to US.