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Barbara Marshall

Grandmother Barbara (Kushman) Hager

File Name: BM008T.jpg
Submitter:   Barbara Marshall

My Grandparents, Peter and Barbara (Kushman) Hager both came from Katreinfeld. My mother was born there on Christmas Day, 1919. In Dec. 1920, they left and began their journey to America. I think Mom was baptized in that church before they left. In 1997, Mom who hated to write anything, wrote a very brief 2 1/2 page autobiography which Dad gave the day after she died. Her death was 22 July 1997. The biography includes a story of their journey. It took them 4 months. I have their passport scanned in and their photos.
I have the cross necklace that my grandmother wore in that photo.

Frank Hager

File Name: BM002T.jpg
Approximate date:  Unknown
Submitter:   Barbara Marshall

Great Grandfather, Frank Hager 1847-1936.
Lived in Katreinfeld; died in Hartford, MI; buried in South Haven, MI.

Army uniform

File Name: BM004T.jpg
Approximate date:  Unknown
Submitter:   Barbara Marshall

Grandfather in his World War 1 uniform.


File Name: BM007T.jpg
Submitter:   Barbara Marshall

Passport for 1920

Passport Envelope

File Name: BM006T.jpg
Submitter:   Barbara Marshall

Envelope for the 1920 passport

School Picture

File Name: BM001T.jpg
Approximate date:  Unknown
Submitter:   Barbara Marshall

School photo at Katreinfeld

Church in Katreinfeld

File Name: BM005T.jpg
Submitter:   Barbara Marshall