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North Dakota

St. Elizabeth's Church Lefor, ND

File Name: T11R_14.jpg
Approximate date:  2000
More of:  Steve Herold

St. Elizabeth's Church Lefor, ND

File Name: T11R_17.jpg
Approximate date:  2000
More of:  Steve Herold

Grave marker in Lefor cemetery

File Name: T12R_11.jpg
Approximate date:  2000
More of:  Steve Herold

An interesting grave marker overlooking 4 graves.

Gladstone Train Station

File Name: ND003T.jpg
Approximate date:  1898
More of:  Steve Herold

Immigrants arriving at the Gladstone, ND train depot on October 18,1898.

More on this photo later.

Josefalva Choir

File Name: ND001T.jpg
Approximate date:  1890
More of:  Bill Schiwal

Chor der Umsiedler

Many members of the Josefalva Choir came to Lefor, North Dakota

Reclining:   Nikolaus Elmer, Nikolaus Schieber

First row (seated):   Nikolaus Wichtner, Peter Scharosch, Martin Harle, Jakob Dengel, Josef Mayer, Mathias Dorn, Mathias Valery

Second row (seated):   Peter Schuz, Jozsko Köllmel, Nikolaus Rosenkranz, Rudolf Pauly, Stefan Szettele, Peter Schneider, Karl Banyai

Third row (standing):   Jakob Klemm, Peter Betschner, Anton Elmer, Philip Weber, Franz Retzler, Nikolaus Bartl, Franz Schneider

Fourth Row (standing):    Josef Schiwal, Anton Lessl, Michael Klein, Nikolaus Schroeder, Mathias Weber, Peter Herold, Stefan Probst

Rear row (standing):    Nikolaus Gerger, Stefan Meissner, Anton Schiwal, Johann Schlitter, Georg Siegl

Lefor Band No. 3

File Name: ND002T.jpg
Approximate date:  1934
More of:  Bill Schiwal
More Information

The Lefor Band No. 3, which organized in 1934, included (starting in back row from left to right) George Herold, Frank Bayer, Albert Schneider, Nick Schroeder, Joe Keck, John Schneider, Peter Schiff, Matt Dassinger, Ed Schiwal, Steve Schroeder, Joe Jordan, Director John Lefor Jr., Henry Ertl, Ed Bayer, Harry Lefor, Nick Schneider, John Herold, Ed Schroeder, and Ray Schroeder.

4th of July in Lefor

File Name: nd008t.jpg
Approximate date:  1913
More of:  Bill Schiwal

Lefor during a 1913 July 4th celebration. It has the original Lefor band in the foreground. In the background you see Adam Lefor's new large store and further back you see the old rectory and church.

Two members have been identified as John Reiner and one has been identified by Dave Dreyer as Dominic Lefor.

The old church

File Name: nd009t.jpg
Approximate date:  1929
More of:  Bill Schiwal

The house in the foreground is the old parsonage. The Stone church was right inside the cemetery. I remember the arch of the door still standing when I was in grade school. One winter we would climb up it and jump off it into the deep snow. It kept us boys out of trouble as Sister would watch.

Catechism class at Lefor, ND

File Name: nd004t.jpg
Approximate date:  1912
More of:  Bill Schiwal

Catechism class at Lefor around 1912.

Making wurst at Heideckers

File Name: nd005t.jpg
Approximate date:  1958
More of:  Bill Schiwal

An old threshing scene

File Name: ND006T.jpg
More of:  Bill Schiwal

The threshing is of my Dad's (Tony Schiwal) machine. He did custom threshing with our own machine.

A threshing crew

File Name: ND007T.jpg
More of:  Bill Schiwal

Threshing Machine at Regent, ND

File Name: T11R_28.jpg
Approximate date:  2000
More of:  Steve Herold

Threshing machines were used during the harvesting to remove the grain from the stalk. The stalk would be used for straw. If the grain was wheat it would most likely be sold. If it was oats or barley it would either be used for feed or sold.

Threshing machines were used before combines were used…..probably ended in the mid-40's.