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Banat Villages    12

Take a look at pictures of different villages and towns.

Churches & Cemeteries    11

Church was a important part of many of the Banaters. The design of the churches in the United States was similar to those in the Banat.

Some of the grave markers found in North Dakota are unusual and I wonder if this style also existed in the Banat.

Clothing & Textiles    11

The clothes the people wore around the 1900 has generated many messages over the years. Another subject with considerable interest is the crocheting, knitting, etc. that the women did.

This section now provides some wonderful examples.

Historic    17

Music    2

North Dakota    17

The first settlers from the Banat to settle in North Dakota arrived in 1891. Large groups continued settling in the area until 1900. After that it was individual families and they continued coming until around 1910.

Traditions    7

Woodwork    1

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Bakowa Collection

In 1977 Herta Lovasz Eder wrote a cultural history of Bakowa when she was a student at the Univerysity of Munich.  The report includes over 20 photos which are included in this collection.  Hopefully, portions of the report will be translated in to English in the near future.

Herta grew up in Bakowa and now lives in Berchtesgaden, Germany with her husband Arnold and two children. Both of them have relatives in North Dakota.

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