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This site was designed to work with 800x600 or higher resolutions and works best with color resolutions greater than 256 colors.  And it works best with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  See known problems below.  Please contact us if you are having problems.

Double clicking on any photo opens an enlarged photo in a new window.   The text that is blue represents a link which will take you to another page.

If you are interested in obtaining a larger graphic image than what you have seen send an email message to either the submitter of the picture or info@banaters.com and reference the file name of the photo.

Known problems include:

Much of the technology used in creating this photo album is newer than what was available when Netscape ver 4.7 was developed and it does work for the most part, the layout is not good.

Netscape ver 6 Preview 2 has been tested there is a problem with the primary menu.