The Donauschwaben Research Exchange -- DRE

The Banat Mailing list has been a great resource for exchanging information and Dave Dreyer has done an outstanding job providing researchers a wealth of information on our ancestors with some of his lists. has developed an additional resource which we call the Donauschwaben Research Exchange or DRE. It is designed to be a clearing house or exchange for anyone looking for Donauschwaben information. It is unique in that you have the ability to add and edit the information directly and see the results immediately.

People and Places

Have you wondered whether someone else is researching your surname?

There are three main features of the DRE. First, and foremost, it is about people.....our ancestors and us. You have the ability to tag your name to any number of surnames and any number of locations. This gives everyone the ability to look for a surname, see the different locations where the name is found and the names of those also interested in the surname. In addition, you can enter family information about the surname for a specific location

Second, it is designed for all of the Donauschwaben. Our ancestors settled in different areas of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and this section includes all these areas. It is also designed to handle pre and post migration locations.

Third, it is about resources. Tell us about what you think are the best resources about genealogy, culture, food, etc. for the area or the region as a whole. You can also add resources about areas where they migrated to such as Canada or the United States. If you have a site you like...just enter the information and it is ready for everyone to see.

Registration and Privacy Issues

Many people are concerned about privacy and the internet. We recently conducted a focus group and there was almost unanimous agreement that the information on the DRE should be limited to only those who have registered.

In addition, the data is stored in a database which is not accessible to search engines. The only way to obtain an email address for someone who is to do a search which will display names and then click on a name which will display the email at a time...and you have to be registered to do a search. No information will be sold or provided to anyone.

Registration for the DRE is required to prevent others from accidently changing or deleting data. Registration and use of the DRE requires that cookies be enabled on your browser. Without cookies the registration procedures would require everyone to sign-in on every page.


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