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It has been quite a year for the Donauschwaben! There has been an explosion of Donauschwab resources and activities.

  • We have opened a store at Check out the great items you can buy. Just in time for the holiday shopping. All profits go to the Donauschwaben Heritage Society.

  • The book "From the Banat to North Dakota: A History of the German-Hungarian Pioneers in Western North Dakota" written by Dave Dreyer and Josette Hatter and should be available in early December. The history is pertinent to Banaters outside of North Dakota, due to the inclusion of materials about life in the Banat, Banater culture and historical information about the migration from the Banat to North Dakota. If your Donauschwaben roots also include North Dakota this book is a must for your library. Watch this site and the Banat mailing list for further announcements. The book is being printed by the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies.

  • Dave Dreyer had his picture and a story about his work published in a Romanian newspaper. Looks like we aren't the only ones to recognize Dave's incredible contribution to the Donauschwaben community.

  • The Donauschwaben Heritage Celebration at Mt. Angel, Oregon was a huge success. Dave Dreyer, John Michels, and Bob Madler were given awards in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Donauschwaben community. Lucile Arnusch, Anne Leptich, and George Johnson were presented Honoray Schwob certificates for their valuable role in making the Celebration at Mt. Angel a huge success.

  • John Michels received a Honorary Doctorate of Leadership from the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. Congratulations, John!

  • Watch for a complete redesign of this site in early 2007.

In 1995, Bob Madler started the Banat Mailing List which has discussed genealogy and other cultural topics of Donauschwaben or Danube Swabians around the world.  (Read how Bob started the list) Today the list has almost 750 subscribers and is signaling the growing awareness and importance of our culture. is an attempt to help preserve our heritage, assist in locating people, and tell us about Donauschwaben communities around the world.

Donauschwaben Research Exchange (DRE)   

Have you ever wondered whether someone else is researching your name or the village your ancestors came from?  Perhaps you didn't know the neighbor down the street is a Donauschwaben.   Register and find fellow Donauschwaben and perhaps long lost relatives. See D.R.E. (Info) for more information.

The Banat Mailing List   

One of the best mailing lists on the net! If you are looking for assistance on finding your ancestors, a recipe or want to hear some interesting stories this is the place to go. This active list started in 1995 and now has almost 750 subscribers.


Maps and Village Locator!
The number one place to preserve our culture. Pictures from Donauschwaben communities around the world.   Arts, crafts, food, and family photo's.

Maps and Village Locator   

Looking for a location in the Banat? Our map tool making finding many of the villages very easy.


Find some of your all time favorite recipes for the foods your mother and grandmother.

B.O.B. -- The Best of Banat   

We have had some great messages on the mailing list. Here you will find an edited selection of some of them.  We hope to add more in the near future.

Stories passed on to us  

We have some wonderful stories about the lives of Donauschwaben.


Learn about some of the places where Donauschwaben live and lived.  What's going on in your community?


A short history of the Donauschwaben and other information.   Learn where your ancestors came from.  Trace the journey from Germany, Alsace, Luxemburg or Lorraine as sources of immigrants to the Banat and the migration from the Banat to all corners of the world.


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