The Food We Love!


The Soups your mother made!
Soup was a "magic potion" in the households of many Banaters.   It warmed them on cold winter days, comforted the sick and was readily available in most homes. Hardly a Sunday meal went by without the soup at noon.


The salads we think of today are nothing like the salads our ancestors knew. When the gardens were producing in the summer it was lettuce and cumcumber salads.


In North Dakota the meat was raised and slaughter at home. Many people raised chickens and geese along with the larger meat producing animals. Pork was very popular and the butchering was a clan affair.

Flour products   

Flour products were a very important part of menu for many Banaters. There are two categories of flour products that we are. One category was noodle products that were always a substitute for meat dishes. These were a meal by themselves served with only a lettuce salad or cooked fruit as an accompaniment. The second category were some pastry dishes which can be eaten as either a main course or a dessert.


Bread was a main portion of every meal. Homemade butter and jelly were served with the bread.

Sweet Dough   

Sweet rolls, doughnuts, poppyseed strudel, nut strudel, pig ears...Wonderful memories!


If you know anything about the Banat you have heard of the great strudels.


Wonderful cookies, especially at Christmas time.


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