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Dave Dreyer, Ph.D.

Dave has been a very active contributor to the Banat Mailing List since the beginning in 1995. Dave's career includes teaching and doing research work in chemistry. Since his retirement in 1988 Dave has devoted his efforts to family history research with emphasis on ethnic Germans in the Hungarian province of the Banat.

He is the recipient of an Ehrenbrief from the Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben for his work on Banat family history research. Work on the Banat has resulted in a series of publications under the title of Banat Family History Series.

You can find additional information on Dave at his ship record extraction site

The following is a list of the Banat Family History Series. See the information at the bottom of the page for purchasing information.

Banat to North Dakota

Vol. V. From The Banat To North Dakota. Accounts By Banat Homesteaders In Western North Dakota

Dave Dreyer and Josette Hatter's new book "From the Banat to North Dakota" will be published in early December, 2006. The book contains numerous first person accounts of the migration from the Banat and homesteading in Southwestern North Dakota including diaries of the passage from the Banat to North Dakota. Contains extensive discussion of the founding of the Banat settlement in North Dakota and early experiences of Banater lives on the Dakota high plains.

The history is pertinent to Banaters outside of North Dakota, due to the inclusion of materials about life in the Banat, Banater culture and historical information about the migration from the Banat to North Dakota. If your Donauschwaben roots also include North Dakota this book is a must for your library. The book is being printed by the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies.

Watch this page and the Banat mailing list for information on purchasing the book.

Vol. I. Family History Research For North Dakota Pioneers From The Banat

This volume contains a history of German migration to the Banat, its subsequent development as the breadbasket of the Austrian Empire and migration to and homesteading of Banaters in North Dakota. Resources and strategies for family history research on Banaters are discussed. This work contains the following databases;

  • Abstractions from the Federal census of Southwestern ND Banaters and the daughter colonies of Glendive and Billings Montana supplemented by wive' s maiden names and village of origin where known.
  • Abstracts of Southwestern ND Banaters from naturalization records(1028 entries).
  • Database of ND Banaters in U. S. Passenger ship records(presently over 1000 entries).
  • Abstracts of ND Banaters from World War I draft registration records.
  • Abstracts of ND Banaters from the subscription lists of the Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien-Kalender.

Vol. II. Origins Of Some North American Banaters. Some Abstractions From The Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien Kalender And The Bremen Passenger Lists

Contains a discussion of records useful for identifying place of origin for immigrants to America with emphasis on Banaters as well as a short discussion of the availability of the Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien-Kalender is given . The work contains;

  • Databases of Banaters in the subscription lists of the Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien-Kalender coming from 47 Banat localities
  • Abstraction of passenger ship records for Banaters from 37 Banat localities taken from a card file of Bremen departures for 1907 and 1913-1914.

Vol. III. Some Banaters In Pre World War I U. S. Passenger Shipping Records.

This work presently contains over 29,000 extracts of Banaters from pre World War I U. S, Passenger ship records. Its size and active expansion makes it impractical to print out in its entirety. Available on the Internet at Dave's ship record site.

Vol. IV. Josefsdorf-Giseladorf Family Register, 1882-1899

Contains a history of the founding of Josefsdorf and Giseladorf as well as abstractions 1882-1899, of the church books for these localities. The results are arranged in family book format.

Vol. V. From The Banat To North Dakota. Accounts By Banat Homesteaders In Western North Dakota

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Vol. VI. Banaters In Austrian Military Records

Contains a historical introduction to Banaters in Austrian military campaigns and databases of Banaters in the 61st, 29th, 33rd infantry regiments, 9th Gendarmerie and Temeswar Sanitaetsabtielung for a total of well over 10,000 abstracts with comments from the service records.

Ordering Information

Vols. I, II, III and IV are $18 each.
Vol VI is $25.
The price includes postage in the US.

David Dreyer


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