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Dialects and Nicknames


31 Mar 96 03:00:00 -0500
From: (John Niefer)
Subject: CULTURE: Dialect and Nicknames

> Rick Heli and Friedrich Reder wrote about dialects:

Hello Rick and Friedrich; Please excuse my reply to both of you with one post.

I guess I should have been more explicit in my message to Sue Clarkson. I understand the differences in the dialects. What puzzles me is why, in Jarak, we pronounced Bauer in the conventional way and Bauerle as Buyerle (English phonetic). As Friedrich once said "le" suffix indicates the diminutive, so saying Buyerle could mean a "little Bavarian" rather than a "little farmer".

Perhaps another thing to be aware of(in researching) is that the Donau Schwaben liked to tag people with a nick name. My Pat (Godfather's) name was Michael Wurtz. Like many others, he practiced a cottage industry; making hats, along with his agriculture. Consequently he was known as Hutner Michael and many people in the same village would not know who Wurtz Michael was. Church and other official records would list him by his proper name but lists compiled by village residents might call him Hutner Michael. Another wrinkle that makes genealogy interesting.

Regards; John

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