The Zichydorf Village Association


Glenn Schwartz began researching his family in 1984, took a decade off to focus on his young family, and got back at it in 1995. He found a cousin, Laura Grzyb, who had discovered another Zichydorf researcher, Barry Anwender, and when they compared notes found that much of Regina and southern Saskatchewan was descended from the same roots and that fellow Zichydorf descendants were spread all over the world.

On January 8, 1996, Laura wrote to the Banat mailing list: "Hi all, I am just new to all of this, so forgive me if I ask a stupid question. My Family are from Zichydorf. SCHWARTZ, BOLEN (BOHLEN), KLECKNER, KLEIN. Can anyone help?"

Barry replied to her and other Banat subscribers: "Hello Neighbor! My name is Barry Anwender and my ancestors also came from Zichydorf, Austrio-Hungary. I am especially interested in the BOLEN/KLECKNER relationship because my great-great grandmother is Eva BOLEN. She married my great-great grandfather Jacob ANWENDER and they had five sons. All but two sons died at birth or very young. Then, Jacob died when the youngest was two years old. Apparently Eva remarried a Zichydorf widower named KLECKNER who had two sons of his own."

Laura, Barry, and Glenn have said they owe many thanks to Bob Madler and the Banat mailing list folks because in a matter of hours we also heard from Shirley & Glen Gibbard in British Columbia, Canada and Edmund Mildenberger in Colorado, USA. Even more amazing, we heard from Tut Pera in Margita, Yugoslavia - a small village about 5 kilometers from Plandiste (the current Serbian name for Zichydorf).

It became apparent that each person had their own collection of history and genealogy. So an another message was sent out suggesting that it would be nice to gather all the pieces of the puzzle together for the benefit of all.

On January, 15 1996, John Movius of FEEFHS wrote a message of encouragement to organize and an invitation to create a Zichydorf Village Association (ZVA) online. It would use a new ZVA homePage on the FEEFHS web site and also other resources available to Banaters through Bob Madler's online email Banat group. Bob Madler then chimed via email with his full support.

The three of them founded the Zichydorf Village Association to bring together Zichydorf researchers. With John's help, Barry and Laura launched ZVA on the web in February, 1996. In April, 1996 the group held its first meeting of Regina-area members. The group now boasts about 100 members, mostly in North America.

In August, 1996, Barry returned to St. Joseph's Major Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta to continue his seminarian studies toward the Roman Catholic Diocesian Priesthood.

Laura works in the design section of a publishing company. She is also a busy volunteer with her children's activities.

May 1, 2001

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