The Banat Advisory Group


In 1995, when people were just starting to hear about the internet, Bob Madler started the Banat Mailing List. Bob hosted the list for two years until Chris Lamesfield found a free home for the list at Rootsweb. Chris was the list administrator for 5 years, after which he decided to take a well deserved break. In late November, 2001, Bob rounded up a few people willing to guide the list for a while. Chris has graciously agreed to provide us assistance when required.

The names of the members of the new group are well known to many of the subscribers.

  • Bob Madler
    Bob is the founder of the Mailing List. Without his engaging and interesting posts to the list in the early years, it would not have grown to become the success it is now. Bob's ancestors are from Bakowa and Dolatz. Bob grew up in Baker, Montana and now lives in Bozeman, Montana. Bob is a pilot and if you want to get his attention just mention flying.

  • Susan Clarkson
    Susan has been a very active contributor to the Banat Mailing List since the beginning in 1995. Susan is the Associate Dean of Students, Emeritus at Central Michigan University. She recently authored Familienbuch Johannisfeld 1806-1899/1941. Her concise history of the History of German Settlements in Southern Hungary appears on this site, and at FEEFHS.

  • Dave Dreyer
    Dave Dreyer Dave has been on the list since 1997 and has posted more helpful replies to the List than anyone else. He remains an outstanding asset to the list, especially regarding Banat Military History, Reference Materials, Immigration, and Settlement of Banaters in the U.S. Many of you have used the Ship Manifest Lists he created.

  • Steve Herold
    Steve joined the list in early 1995. Long time subscribers know that food and customs are his major interests. Steve is in the computer business and has used his knowledge to build this site. His contribution of time and effort makes him an asset to our presence on the internet.

  • Eileen Lund-Johnson
    Eileen was one of 5 Banaters at the recent FEEFHS conference in Milwaukee. During the summer of 2001, Eileen provided Steve with a number of great ideas for the Donauschawben Research Exchange.


We welcome any comments or suggestions about the mailing list, this web site or the Banat information on the FEEFHS site. You can send your messages to comments.


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