The Banat Mailing List

by Bob Madler


Trudy and Bob Madler

Bob and Trudy Madler
I no longer recall the date I initiated it, but I know you do :). [Editors note: The mailing list was started February 19, 1995] I was corresponding with about three Banaters and it occurred to me that an unknown number of others would be equally interested in this area. Way back then, virtually nothing of import was available for us on any known web sites, nor indeed in genealogy mailing lists.

SocGenGerman was the biggie then. I gave voice to my thoughts about attempting to establish a Banat mailing list to a member of that list who was knowledgeable and an indefatigable correspondent. His response was especially negative; citing no necessity for yet another mailing list. Furthermore, he stated this would only "water down" SocGenGerman.

Of course this only made me more determined to initiate my list! I made a number of inquiries and eventually discovered my ISP could set me up with all that was required. As they say, "The rest is history". My first message advising anyone about it's birth was to the astute Gordon McDaniel. I knew he ever was ready and willing to assist, and his profound knowledge of the culture we would be investigating would be of immeasurable value. How right I was!

Thank you again, Gordon!

November 8, 2000

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