Mailing List Archive


The Banat Mailing List Archive is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Banat. Over the years there have been a number of interesting topics. For example if you browse the months of December and January you will find some interesting discussions on Christmas traditions, food, recipes, etc. Searching on surnames or village locations just might help you locate a long lost relative.

Messages from mid 1997 though today

There are two methods for viewing these messages. The first is called "Threaded Archive." Using this approach you select a month and all the messages are displayed in a format where they are displayed chronologically but all follow-up messages to a subject are displayed under the initial message.

The second method lets you search the archive but is not particularly user friendly. You can enter a name, term, etc. for a specific year and you then get a list of all the messages found meeting your search criteria. Unfortunately, the search is based on everything in the message so there is no way to select messages from specific posters or subjects.

Messages from 1995 through mid 1997

These message represent the period prior to being hosted by Rootsweb. Most of the messages for this period are archived on this site in the DRE which requires registration. You can find them the old Banat-L archives in the Misc/Support secton.


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