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Welcome and greetings from The Advisory Group of the Banat Mailing List. Many have found a "cyber family" here that is eager to aid you in your genealogical pursuits. Remember, we were all once beginners and regard no question as being too elementary. However, the archives are easy to search and will usually return a host of answers.

The list, which now has over 600 subscribers, was founded by Bob Madler in February, 1995 to serve as a forum for help and discussion for those interested in Donauschwaben history, customs, and genealogy.

The term Donauschwaben or Danube-Swabians refers to the people who settled in and around the Danubian (Pannonian) Plain of Eastern Europe following Austrian conquest over the Ottoman Turks. Beginning in the mid to late seventeenth century, the Austrian government recruited predominantly German-speaking settlers from Germany, France, Switzerland, and other central-european countries to rebuild these areas and further their interests and influence there. Most of the settlers migrated in groups by barge down the Donau (Danube) River, embarking from Ulm, Schwaben (Swabia), Germany; hence the name, Donauschwaben. The two largest settlement areas were known as Banat and Batschka. After WWI, these areas became part of Hungary, Romania, and Yugoslavia.

An excellent short history of the German Settlement in Hungary written by Sue Clarkson can be found at: or FEEFHS.

Posting Guidelines

We ask that you refrain from posting "off-topic" messages. We are cognizant of the fact that the genealogy umbrella covers a host of topics; history, geography, clothing and cooking being but a few. However, the 75,000+ newsgroups provide a more proper media to post messages that pertain to such things as "virus control" and "modern politics" or "current events that do not specifically pertain to Donauschwaben and their descendants."

Since we are all here to pool our resources, public replies to the list are encouraged when they contain pertinent, valid information; however, this list is not moderated. Any message sent to it is automatically sent to everyone on the list. If you have a personal message for someone, please send it to their address, not the mailing list address.

Please use a title on the subject line that summarizes the message. A well thought out subject line makes browsing through the threaded Banat Archives much easier. It is also easier to follow the messages on a subject if you do not modify the subject when you respond.

Neither public nor private posts that are demeaning to another list member (i.e., flames) will be tolerated. Violation of the rules may result in your immediate removal from the list.

The most important key on your keyboard is the DELETE key. If you don't like a message, delete it. Disparaging or sarcastic replies are unwelcome and just add to the clutter of useless messages. If you have a legitimate complaint about someone, send a message to support.

Please do not include attachments to your messages and turn HTML formatting off. The list accepts only text messages.

Ownership and Archives

When you post messages to the Banat Mailing List the posts remain your property under copyright law. So we can provide current and future users with access to your posts, by posting here you give the Banat Mailing List a permanent license to archive and redistribute those posts.


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