B.O.B. --The "Best of Banat"

The "Best of Banat" contains selected messages of general interest from the Banat discussion group.   Susan Clarkson headed the initial development effort and spent many hours working on this project a couple years ago.

This is a very small sample of messages some old, some new.   If you would like to see more of the Best of Banat messages please let us know.

It is believed that all postings on this site are either no longer under copyright or have the permission of the copyright owners.  If you hold the copyright to any of these postings and do not wish the information included on this site, please inform us and we will take appropriate action

Subject lines have been edited to illustrate the contents.  Messages have been edited for spelling and elimination of extraneous lines.



Mention food on the mailing list and you are certain to get a big response especially as the holidays approach.


We have some really great researchers on the list.


Maps, resources….


A discussion of surnames.


Clothing and crocheting, knitting, etc. our mothers and grandmothers did is always of interest to the group.


From Names to the Kerwei to sayings….this is the place to look



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