--BANAT--Items of Interest"

Charter of Moritzfeld

Provided by Don Mingesz

"We, Josef the 2nd, by the grace of God, chosen Roman Emperor of all times, King of Hungary,Bohemia, Galicia, etc. hereby notify everybody that we have in our dominion in our Kingdom of Hungary many empty possessions which we intend to settle with realm members, especially from the upper Rhine.  To this end we promise by our royal rights to all emigrants of families from the realm that we have many thousands of acres of excellent land and that we will need many professionals.

   First: An absolute freedom of religion as well as necessary spiritual leaders and teachers and all belongings we will care for.

   Second: Each family will receive an orderly, new roomy house according to the style of the country and a garden.

   Third: We will donate to the country people the necessary agricultural acres, meadows,animals and tools.

   Fourth: Those who are professionals and day workers, however, will receive the tools of their trade and 50 Gulden Rheinisch.

   Fifth: The oldest son need not serve in the military service.

   Sixth: Each family receives free transportation from Vienna to the place of settlement for which the necessary travel expenses are being paid. Then the food supply continues until the family is able to care of its own.  Should any family have an exceptional misfortune, money will be advanced on a 3 year loan basis

   Seventh: those persons who on the trip or because of change of climate or for other health reasons become ill will be helped to become well.  All possible care will be given free of charge.

   Eighth: Finally, all those who immigrate from the realm will be free of land and ruler taxes completely.  But, after 10 free years they will be obliged to pay taxes.

This decision is sealed by our K. K. Secret-Seal. Vienna-September 2, 1782 of our realm in the 19th of Hungarian and the 2nd of Bohemian rule. Josef vt.Rudolf, First of Colloredo, properly signed and sealed.

Translated from the German text by Hans Listdfeld, courtesy of Dolores Carson  

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